Library Girl


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Produced by Susan Hayden
Associate Producer: Paul Denk
Admission $10
A Monthly Reading Series at The Ruskin Group Theatre
every second Sunday of the Month.
Library Girl
Library Girl Presents: Dance Me To The End Of Love/A Tribute To Leonard Cohen
$10 includes small bites & dessert. Free parking. Reservations urged.

Celebrating LC's 80th & so much more. Featuring writers Mariana Dietl, Amélie FrankTommy SwerdlowSuzanne LummisRick LupertDarrell Larson, Danny Baker, Jon Hess, Jeff Kober & Diana Marquise Raab. Music by Bliss Bowen,Mason SummitCameron Roberts. Surprise guests. $10 includes small bites & dessert. Free parking! Produced by Susan Hayden. Assoc. Prod:Paul Denk. All proceeds go to sustaining Ruskin Group Theatre. Tickets available SOON @ Reservations urged!

Go to purchase tickets or call 310-397-3244
& leave name on Library Girl mailbox. Produced by Susan Hayden. Assoc. Prod: Paul Denk.
All proceeds go to sustaining Ruskin Theatre.

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